I work with clients on their terms and not just provide cookie cutter products and services.  Every client is different and needs special attention to their specific goals, values, and concerns.  Because every situation is different, we can work on a fee only basis, fee based, or commission based.  I will give you various options and explain all costs involved beforehand so you can choose how you want to proceed and what makes the most sense for your situation.

Some of  the specific areas I can help individuals, families, and business include the following:

• Investment Asset Allocation Design: Your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and various other characteristics are used to build a customized portfolio.  By using asset allocation, the risk exposure can be reduced and long-term return potential increased.  Once a portfolio has been designed, the allocation will be implemented by using investment vehicles such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual securities, and private portfolio managers.  

• Retirement Planning Analysis:  I can study your current financial situations and determine the likelihood of obtaining financial objectives for retirement based on your current retirement savings, expected rates of return, expenses, inflation, and many other assumptions.  Once a projection is made, he can determine what steps may be necessary to improve the chances of financial independence. 

• Education Planning:  I can help families implement investment savings plans to most effectively fund college expenses.  I'm experienced with using 529 Plans and Coverdell Savings Accounts among other methods and strategies.  In addition, I can assist families with college bound students work within the rules of the financial aid system to become eligible for more financial aid.

• Comprehensive Financial Planning:  A comprehensive financial plan involves studying and developing strategies for many personal financial components in an individual or families life.  Among other things a comprehensive financial plan will usually include determining the current financial position, goal setting, risk management and insurance, education planning, investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.  

• Products and Plans: I can help you invest in individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and many other investment vehicals.  I'm very experienced with retirement accounts like IRAs, Roth IRAs, 403(b)s, 401(k)s, and SEP Plans, just to name a few.  We can also look into insurance products like term, variable life ,and long term care.  Because I'm an independent we can pick the best products and plans to meet your specific needs and objectives. I have no proprietary products and therefore do not have a conflict of interest when selecting products that this could cause.